Friday, December 3, 2010

Foundations of One Question

Today, I spent the night at a coffeehouse looking out a window as it poured cats and dogs and thundered and lightninged. I sat down and listened to the wind whistle through every crack and crevice. Now, I was supposed to be doing my calculus homework, but I couldn't help but eavesdrop on the three lovely ladies sitting right next to me (stalking is my second nature). It was three moms, gorgeous and pretty and they were all sitting down to coffee and talking about "life". You know I sat there for four hours (I'm struggling in calc what can I say. =]) and the only conversation I heard from them was about staying fit and what "Jimmy" said that was so cute or what others said about him. Everything was about the image. How to stay fit, how proud one of them was that their child was desiring how to eat right and stay fit. How tall one of their sons was and how great he was at basketball. How much unhealthy food one could feed her sons because their metabolism was crazy good. Is this really all that there is to talk about in life? I sure hope not. I hope that when I am a mom that my life, my coffeeshop conversations are more than talk about image and the world. I hope that my conversations will be full of meaning and depth, full of God. Have we ever stopped to even ask the question what our life is all about?

What is life about? Seriously, if I were to sit down to some coffee across the table from you and throw you that question, how would you answer it? Our lives are based off of our answer, you know that right? Because from that answer comes our motivation and our plans. That answer supplies our support system and the ways that we comfort ourselves. Wouldn't it be scary if we didn't know that the answer we came up with was the right one? That our whole life was based on a gamble that we were right about the decision we made. How can we even be trusted to make a decision like that? How many times have we been wrong about something? Quite often if you're like me. If we are wrong about other things can't the answer to this question be wrong too? We are human and we cannot accurately answer this question without heart-wrenching doubts. But, I think that this is not the only option we have to find the answer.