Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coffee, the God-Given Example of Obsession

I would like to take a moment to introduce a specific lifeline that I have come to love and Take this moment with me if you are a coffee lover and journey through the wonders of a cup of joe and if you are not a coffee lover make sure to ask yourself why not....

The door opens to the favorite coffee shop and the smell of coffee, rich strong and enveloping hits you like an oven opening on Grandma's Apple Pie. Your attention is drawn to what's on the menu and you let the mental debate ensue, usual or splurge, the choices wage war inside of your brain for all of two seconds and then you sigh, deciding on the usual. As you walk your cup from the ledge where the coffee was distributed to the counter to get a lid you start to spill and the vicious cycle of spilling beverage begins, step-spill-step-spill, you know it's going to be quite some time until the steaming hot liquid stops swishing up and over the opposing sides of your cup, so you stop to re-balance and then continue. There are drops of coffee everywhere, on your hand, shoes, on the floor, and on a particularly bad day on the person next to you.

Now, there's this segment in the Youth Walk that I'm reading called "Coffee Stains" and it discusses their obsession with coffee (which if you know me automatically gives them supa fly points). They are always around it and are always drinking it. They spill their coffee everywhere, on the floor, in the car, on their clothes. Let's just say that if a stranger walked into their lives they would automatically know they were obsessed with coffee.

They wondered if the very same strangers who picked up on their coffee addiction would pick up on their obsession with God. They say, "I don't go around spilling coffee to make sure everyone notices what a big part of my life it is. I just love it, so it shows up a lot." Coffee lifts up our spirits, wakes us up in the morning, and is simply relaxing. Well, God, the Creator of ALL good gives us a spirit to lift, wakes us each morning with a whisper of hope and love, and the Lord is the very essence of relaxation amidst our chaos.

Could we describe our relationship with the Lord with the words "I'm obsessed"? Could we be around the Lord so much that He shows up wherever we are? Could it be that we love the Lord so much that when someone walks in the door, they automatically know we're obsessed?  Could we live a life that is shouting the Lord's Name above all other lies that bombard us in this broken and fallen world? Could we point up to the Lord by living out our sloppy, unchecked, unrestrained passion for our God? Let yourself believe that you can. Let yourself fall into the person that you desire to be and the pursuit of a God who can make you become that. Let yourself become obsessed with Your Savior.

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