Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Marriage-New Relationship

So I was talking with the Big Man Upstairs and we were just sitting there enjoying life together when it hit me, I have a personal relationship with someone who makes me feel completely safe when I'm with Him. It was like being with those that you're closest to and you don't really have to be saying something all the time. It was simply being in His Presence. Resting in Who He is. Can we just take a moment to revel at how ridiculously awesome that is?

Our God, Our Creator allows us to get so close with Him that we drop all walls when we're in His presence. He's not the president whom we meet all dolled up and wearing fancy clothes, putting on an air of professionalism. He's not our grandma whom we pretend like we've never experienced life around and we play the ignorance card on what alcohol, sex, and partying is. He's not the super awesome big brother whom we're always trying to act cool around and strong as if we're more independent then we really are. He's not the stranger whom we put on a facade for and say that our life is in order and that there are no bad things happening. And He's most definitely not that judgmental church group whom we put on our "Christian" act for.

God, He's our husband or wife after being married for years. After the passionate phase, we are settling into the niches of who each person is and enjoying just getting to know each other better. Only He's spent eternity knowing us and we are just entering into knowledge of Him, and He's loving sharing with us. He's that one person that when we see them our day is suddenly brighter. God is all the good that we can think of, and I thank Him that I can be who He has called me to be when I'm with Him: weak and vulnerable in His arms.  Now I pray I will take that to the world.

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