Friday, July 22, 2011

Whimsical Heartache

Whimsy, it’s a beautiful place, one of dreams, of running and never growing weary, of becoming everything you’ve ever wanted to be and more. It’s a place free of failure, free of pain, full of smiles.
In a place like this people can fly and fairies are real. There is no trouble, no arguments, no struggle. The water tastes sweet, the weather is warm, and people never want to leave.

Heartache, it’s a terrible place, one of nightmares, of running and never being caught, of becoming everything they’ve every wanted you to be and more. It’s a place free of trying, free of knowledge, full of false smiles.
In a place like this people fly away and fairies are the only thing that is real. There is no depth, no growing, no insight. The water is tasteless, the weather not noticed, and people can’t ever leave.

What people don’t know is that Heartache and Whimsy are the same land, viewed in a different lens, but having the same affect: pull someone out of reality, out of present. We can live with our heads in the clouds, or in the dirt, turning our eyes away from everything and playing make-believe or hiding because we don’t want to see the world. The fact of the matter is that one false land pulls our eyes up, the other down, but they both take them away from where they should be, straight ahead.

Our God gives us a world that doesn’t have to be full of fantasy or full of despair. He gives us a world that is full of both; He gives us a world that is real.

I have lived in both worlds. I have entered the singing white gates of whimsy, put my bag down and stayed a while. I have entered the decaying black gates of heartache and sank to my knees and stayed a while. In both lands I have felt utterly and terribly alone. Misunderstood, looked over, and unloved. Now, I have entered the slightly rusty, chipped away blue gate of my reality. And I see, heartache and whimsy are not a world in itself; they are not an idol to be sought after, nor a cell to be locked in. Heartache and whimsy are components of one world, one full of suffering and joy, full of struggle and benevolence, full of laughter and tears. One full of life, life to the fullest, life being known, life being free.

I invite you to enter into your own gate of reality. To look at your life through the lens that God has given us. Live a life full of turbulence, ups and downs, irregularity, confusion, uncertainty, and faith. Because we serve a God who is constant and He will be our rock, not this world. His Hand will be the one we squeeze tight in our anguish, fear, and sorrow and the Hand we raise high in celebration, joy, and laughter. And our Rock, our Guiding Hand, will make living not just bearable, but abundant. We can live life, not just cope through it. 

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