Thursday, November 1, 2012

And the Warmth Rang True Inside These Bones.

There are times in our lives when true inspiration hits. It tingles through our bones, our minds begin to run a million miles a minute, and our hearts pump blood through every part of our bodies faster and faster. It's in these times of inspiration that I am reminded of the depth that life runs. Isn't it crazy how many stories you can have accumulated in one room when you have any number of people together? Isn't it crazy that you can walk underneath the stars, take in a deep breath, and just be happy to be alive? Isn't it crazy that you can be you?

Inspiration is so often what reminds me to keep striving, it's what reminds me to keep dreaming, to keep pursuing the Lord, and to discover the stories of the people around me. 

Inspiration: it's discovering new lyrics, realizing a new Truth, dreaming in spite of fear and failure. It's contagious, passionate, and empowering.  It is seeing something that is a much greater good than anything we are capable of on our own and responding to it. It's something that pulls us out of our selfish pursuit of success and happiness and into the world that desparately needs love, vulnerability, sincerity, and acceptance. It's what calls us to be advocates and warriors and to lose sight of ourselves for once. Inspiration is every general's battle cry, every mothers whispered "good night", every stand for what's right, and every late night conversation about life. One is inspired by greatness, sure, but I believe that one is inspired to greatness as well. We act on our inspiration and we are reminded of the complexity of emotion, of spirit, of mind and of soul. Inspiration is what makes us stand out from anything else on this planet. We as humans are characterized by our inspiration. And who better to inspire than the Creator of the Universe, the one who formed inspiration and breathed it into our souls. It all points towards Him.


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