Friday, February 15, 2013

Preschool World

You know why I love working at a preschool? I mean other then the ridiculously cute kids with foreign accents and incredible story material? I love it because it's a constant reminder to just play. When you are at a preschool, the playground is not just a playground, it's a fort, a ship, a plane, a soccer field with thousands of fans in the stadium watching you score the winning goal. Nothing is as it seems.

And as I punch my time card and walk out of the preschool for the day it sticks with me for a bit. Sidewalks become runways, planks to walk on pirate ships, or the yellow brick road leading to the lollipop kids. The academic buildings I walk by everyday becomes headquarters for spies and secretive operations. And the airplanes are carrying secret messages of grave importance. The world becomes exciting in every way shape and form. That is why I love working at a preschool, because it reminds me that the world and life is exciting, full of opportunities, full of ways to adventure and be inspired.

As that imagination begins to fade away and the everyday life begins to settle in and the routine takes its place, all i need to do is look at the people in the world. Because I know that they too were once inspired to become a conquistador by a single twig. People show me that this world is still exciting as an adult, because when my imagination fails to fill in the adventure, people step up. I get to discover others, to explore the terrain of hearts around me, and to learn about how someone else thinks. We get to serve the world and those in it. You'd be surprised how much adventure, and excitement is in that simple life choice.

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