Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Generation to Remember

I love when songs and people talk about "our generation". I love the concept of changing this world as a team. And you know, we are going to make an impact on this world whether or not we want to and we will do it as a whole. But when I think about my generation, the ones I have watched on TV, or the ones that I interact with day in and day out, I can't help but grow concerned at the lack of bravery that is expressed there. Many of us (cough me cough) are too cowardly to love well, to serve well, to sacrifice well, and to risk well. We are playing it on the safe route in more ways then we know. We are making profound discoveries and innovative methods towards improving this world. We are traveling around the world are busy playing and adventuring as much as our hearts can handle. But when it comes to looking someone in the eye and saying, "I'm sorry, I owe you an apology" or "You hurt me and I need to hear an apology" we are straight up cowards. When it comes to fighting for a relationship or being vulnerable with our sin and screw-ups, then we are cowardly.

I would love to see this generation become one that is known for its tremendous bravery, for its undying faithfulness towards each other and towards making this world look a little more like the Kingdom of God. I would love to see this generation rise up to be brave in the way that our fathers show their love, in the way that spouses show respect for each other, and the way that neighbors build community that is inviting and wholesome. I would love to see our generation be one of honest sincere words, where people can feel known and seen. That is the result of a community living in bravery and living in full ownership of who they are. Because when you are confident in who you are, then you are able to risk the things that once held your identity. That is the generation I would love to see rise up. And it literally starts with you. Making choices to change the way we function, change the way we relate, and the way that we deal with conflict.

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