Friday, January 9, 2015

A Wagon Full of Memories

A wagon full of memories, pulled with delicate hands.

A little girl collecting daisies, hair blowing with the wind. Every detail memorized, every sun ray captured, in a wagon full of memories.

That wagon pulled through thick and thin hitting bumps in the road and jostling precious memories in tow. Some fall, settle into the dust, and lie there with messages of hope forgotten.

The wheels rattle over the path dropping what is known. The wagon fills with the bumps of the present.

What is so often left to settle in the dust and lay forgotten? What is known yet left behind?

I know of a pair of Eyes, that hold my favorite love, that see more than the world offers.

I know of a Heart that beats with strength in the fear, with sense in the chaos.

I know of Hands that fit mine so well and always seem to pull, pull where they've already been.

And I know of the dust that masks them.

All this to show that my eyes, my heart, my hands, they are more than I could make them; they are more than what I can even see: tools to love, tools to learn, and make this world something better.

So take care of the memories in the dust. Turn back to fill the wagon with the Truth of the Lord that loves and guides and redeems. It seems that then the wagon becomes a joy and not a burden; that life is hopeful and not despairing.

A wagon full of memories, pulled with delicate hands.

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