Sunday, March 20, 2011


Ears, God made two of them. Maybe, He made two for the very reason that we are to listen to Him above for our security and our identity, and then to those around us as an act of love. That's what I walked away with from this past week sharing my faith in Panama City Beach, Florida with Campus Crusade during Big Break. Now, if any of you are aware of Panama City Beach (PCB) then you understand that it is party-central for most college students and even some high schoolers during Spring Break. Everyone is drinking alcohol and walking around in skimpy clothing; it's what the youth of America loves.

This week we learned about listening intently, not planning the next question or statement, but sincerely taking an interest in others lives and showing them the Love that their Creator has for them. I had conversations like no other with these party-ers and I loved every second of them. I had the blessing of leading a beautiful middle school girl named Hannah to Christ, watched my ex-roommate come to Christ, and was able to share the Gospel in its original format, saturated with Love, Interest, and Desire to know the other person, with so many people on that beach. I could not believe how incredibly fruitful ministry can be when the intent is solely to Love another.

When we went out, we didn't go with the intention to force the Gospel, but simply to listen, to take an interest, to show those out there that we care about their lives, their existence, and that there was a God out there who paid attention to them a gazillion times more than we ever could. It was BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, OUTSTANDING, to simply care for those out there. When's the last time that we looked at the strangers around our campus and sincerely took an interest in their lives, in their eternal destination? When have we looked into the eyes of those passing by us and wondered what they thought about God, and how they've been hurt? When's the last time we've even CARED for the lost and broken, not even LOVED them, but just cared? As the atheist Penn says, "How much do we have to hate someone to sincerely believe that they are going to hell for not believing in Christ and then not sharing that with them?"

Now, that we've got one ear explained, the other comes into play, the one listening to the Lord for our security and for Truth. We cannot let the lies that Satan plants in our minds take hold of our lives and rule them. Lies that we don't know enough about Christianity to share the Gospel and share our faith. As long as we know the Love of the Lord and have the Holy Spirit leading, we can say no wrong words. We plant the seed and water it, but God is the One who Grows it. Lies that we do not matter or are too small to make a difference, or lies that our reputations are on the line. People are grateful to us for sharing our Father's Love, now some are not, but most are. After all, who hates having a Loving person sit down with them and intently pay attention to their lives and their hurt, pain, and brokenness?

People, I pray that our hearts will be awakened to the Lost, to the Broken, to the Sick who need Healing. I pray that our desires will be driven towards getting to know others, not trying to convert others. With true Love comes the desire for them to celebrate with you forever in Heaven, for them to know God and to give their reigns to Christ, because we know that wholeness and complete satisfaction only comes from the One who Created us! I pray that we are bold in our Love, strong in our Passion, faithful in our Calling, and fruitful in our Sharing.

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