Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What are Dreams? And by dreams I mean aspirations in life. What are yours? What do they mean to you? Seriously, I want to know! Give me some feedback on this one if you don't mind. Leave a comment on this blog, send me a facebook message, text me, call me, email me (, whatever you're comfortable with.


  1. For me, dreams are something which make you want to achieve eagerly and are the motivation of life. With dreams, we are able to move forward. With dreams, we are able to see the breaking dawn of our future. With dreams, we live.

  2. to live for God one day at time, to follow Him into the unknown and scarry, to hold loosely on my future, and let God direct my paths.

  3. What an eternal dream Jesse, I LOVE that! And eugene, I agree with you whole-heartedly thanks for sharing!