Sunday, January 31, 2016


Alright people of the palace. It is time for the final USA blog before heading out to the sweet sweet lands of Guyana! Here is the low down. Guyana, yes, that is a country, no, I am not saying Ghana wrong. It's in South America and is the third smallest country on the continent. One could equate it to the size of Idaho in the United States, but it only has about 800, 000 inhabitants. I will be there for 2 years and three months and I will be working as a Community Health Specialist, but I do not know what I will be doing there yet, nor what part of the country I'll wind up in, BUT I promise to update you on all of that on THIS NEW AND IMPROVED (but really just the old thing repurposed) blog!

I'll probably just be posting a lot of pictures and won't be posting all that frequently because of spotty internet connection, but I will take all of my wonderful social media peeps with me to the jungles and waters of Guyana.

The packing process has been quite the ordeal, but in the end I have one bag that weighs a total of 49 pounds, one guitar for the purpose of practice and play, and one carry-on backpack that has way too many things to handle. And now it is 11PM and I am writing this blog and getting ready to head to Miami to meet the rest of the Peace Corps cohort!

Okay, I'm heading out and to stay true to my word, here's a picture of my luggage:

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  1. HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!! Can't wait to read all your stories!